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A.16 years of professional production experience and groupTeam.
B.10 remainder patent productsProduct.
C. Sinopec tier one suppliers.
D.ISO9000 international quality certification.
E. company has API certificationStrategic partner of
F. in Zhongyuan oilfield.
tomer service
Add : The east of DaQing Road (South) ,Puyang City ,Henan Province ,China. Contacte person :Mandy Deng Tel : +86 393 4719678 ,4719688,4752005 Fax : +86 393 4719678 QQ : 1076383048
Email : [email protected]

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     PuyangCity Huangjin drilling Parts Processing Co., Ltd, is a professional oil drilling accessories manufacturing enterprises which researched, designed, produced and saled by herself .The company was founded in 1989, was restructured in 1999 .Company headquarters is located in the beautiful Puyang city ,who breeds five thousand year history and civilization of China ,where is the birthplace of Chinese …
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